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Let Us Handle Your Complex or High-Asset Divorce

Divorces between couples with a high net worth go through the same general processes as any other divorce, but there are likely to be some extra complications due to the additional complexity that comes with greater net worth.

At Sunset Family Law, our team has a deep financial background that allows us to understand the complicated valuation issues and negotiations that typically arise in complex and high asset divorces.

Common issues associated with high-value divorces

Here are just a few examples of issues that are more likely to affect high net-worth divorces than most other divorces:

  • Prenuptial agreements: High-earning couples are far more likely than other couples to have prenuptial agreements in place. In some ways, prenuptial agreements can actually simplify what might otherwise be some complicated divorce issues.
  • Business interests: If one partner runs a business or both partners have interest in a business together, untangling those business interests during the asset division process can become rather complex.
  • Forensic accounting: The more assets (and the more high-value assets) involved in a divorce, the more likely it is the services of a forensic accountant will be necessary to carefully review tax returns, analyze assets and handle the discovery process to ensure everything is accounted for.
  • Investment accounts: Divorcing couples who have a high net worth are far more likely to have investment accounts and stocks, and dividing those types of assets can occasionally be complicated.
  • Real estate: The family home might not be the only real estate to consider in high-asset divorces. Vacation properties, rental properties and business properties must also be considered.

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