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We focus on family law. We help families all day, every day. No criminal cases in the morning or wills in the afternoon, we're exclusively dedicated to helping you through this unique process.


We strive to have clear, honest communication with our clients. There are no secrets, no mysteries. We try to take the anxiety and distrust out of the picture by giving you frequent updates and control of the process.


You have a life and a family to deal with, and we're here to make sure that those remain your top priorities, not chasing paperwork and deadlines.

Why Sunset Family Law


Our attorneys have decades of experience in litigation and family law.


We use technology to make working with us as efficient, easy, and straightforward as possible.


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Our Team

Brian M. Anthoney

Brian worked as a civil trial lawyer prior to focusing exclusively on family law. He has extensive experience negotiating contentious and emotional cases.

Michael A. Dunn

Mike has practiced family law in Kitsap County since 1981. He has seen and handled virtually every type of case imaginable. He is a proud veteran of the U.S. military.

Jaye Greene

Jaye is the firm's paralegal. Her friendly and approachable demeanor exemplifies the firms' approach.

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