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Guiding you through the adoption process.

The decision to adopt is one that will bring a lot of excitement into your life. But before you can add to your family, there are a number of legal steps you must go through that can become quite complex, depending on the type of adoption procedure you’re using.

At Sunset Family Law, we enjoy working with families going through adoption to reduce the stress they might otherwise feel if they tried to get through the adoption process alone. Our experience in numerous types of adoptions and our understanding of the various adoption processes allow you to maintain positivity and excitement through the adoption process.

What are the most common types of adoption?

There are many different ways to either add a child through adoption or to confirm your relationship with a minor or adult child. Some examples include:

  • Agency adoptions: These adoptions involve a child being placed with adoptive parents by an agency. These children may come from orphanages, foster homes or other backgrounds. The agencies may be run by public or private entities, including charities or social service organizations.
  • International adoptions: International adoptions involve a parent adopting a child who lives in a foreign country. The parents must obtain an immigrant visa for the child and must satisfy all adoption requirements of the United States and of the child’s foreign country.
  • Independent adoptions: An independent adoption is an adoption that does not involve an agency. One common type of independent adoption is an arrangement between birth parents and adoptive parents, or through intermediaries like doctors or attorneys.
  • Stepparent adoptions: In a stepparent adoption, a child’s stepparent officially adopts the child. The other birth parent must provide consent. If he or she cannot be found or will not provide consent, there may be additional paperwork and legal processes required.

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Adoption is a joyful process, and our team at Sunset Family Law is honored to guide you through the process to help you add to your family. Contact us today at to schedule a consultation where you can speak to our attorneys and learn more about your chosen adoption process.

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